B&B Al Rimedio is an ideal point for people interested to natural holidays in a territory near beautiful wetlands: S’Ena Arrubia, Sale Porcus, Corru e S’Ittiri and the pond of Cabras, where to practice birthwatching.
It’s possible to observe in few meters of distance Pink Flamingos, Knights of Italy, Herons, Mallards, Ducks, the rare Sultan (Chicken) and many other rare species of birds.

Near our B&B it’s possibile to practice several sport activities: horseback riding, canoeing, excursion to “Mal di Ventre Island” and in the park oasis of Seu, Fishing Tourism and surf.

We are located in Oristano on the west coast of Sardinia, the cleanest and most unspoiled area of Mediterranean sea, near the archaeological site of Tharros and beautiful quartz beaches, as the beach of the grains of rice Is Arutas, Mari Ermi e Maimoni, the largest as the 6 km beach of Is Arenas and the wonderful San Giovanni di Sinis, Torregrande, Putzu Idu, S’arena Scoada, S’Archittu.

We stay in front of “penisola del Sinis”, inside the marine protected area “penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre” reachable by boats from several beaches.

A few Km away is “Is Arenas” golf course, considered one of most important golf course in Italy, very frequented by lovers of this sport.

Territory presents several monumental portals of XVIII century, the most important in Sardinia is the “Portale di Vitu Sotto”, located behind the “Basilica del Rimedio”, in the street which arrive until Cabras.

The winter stay offers possibility to visit the artistic beauty of the Oristano city, rich in history and traditions.
Near the city it’s possibile to visit several characteristic small towns with their beautiful festivals.
Oristano offers also the very important opportunity to attend one of most ancient horse racing in Europe: “Sa Sartiglia”, where colours, shape, sounds give some feelings which you can feel only if you have the fortune to attend it directly.